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Service Innovation through Story Board Evolution - Technology Enabled, Not Driven



Successful innovation for business and the business of I&IT needs the right work in the right relationships enabled by technology, not dictated by technology or technologists.


Some organizations seem to have equated innovation, disruption and the killer app with technology driven change.


We need to avoid becoming the "fool with a tool", busy doing the wrong work and not achieving the desired outcomes.


Real value results from enabling the right user experience overtime.


Innovation initiatives should improve the Service User experience.


We need to improve the end to end Service Story Board  - User Strategy, Value, Relationships, Mandate, Use Cases (Services, Transactions, Interactions, Security, Privacy, Data),  User Stories).



Technology enables new possibilities.


The business still needs to decide how to use those possibilities (Why, Who, What, When, Where, How) in staged releases to provide user value.




Fred Nagy, CMC, PMP, ITIL

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Fred Nagy
March 31, 2015
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